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 Date/Time is Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:42 am
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Android NFC equipment 1 million units a week, will it far fo
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PostPost subject: Android NFC equipment 1 million units a week, will it far fo
Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:59 pm
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In Google I/O conference, people's eyes were attracted by Nexus 7 and Google Glass, may be no one pay attention to such a number: Android products director Hugo Barra mentioned in speech, Google now every week shipment of 1 million sets of Android devices support NFC.

According to Google's data before, and now there are 400 million sets global Android device were activated, and the current activate speed will basically be 1 million set a day. This also means that, in the new Android device, Android equipment support NFC will account for about 15%.

Therefore, may be in casual, NFC function has been slowly came to everyone around. Although many people think that the future of the NFC not optimistic, hold wait-and-see attitude for prospect of its application in mobile payment. But had to admit that, along with the popularity of hardware, at least NFC will become the primary choice of user in file sharing, data exchanging and device connecting for its convenience.

Although a lot of experts say the popularity of NFC may need four to five years, but according to Google's data, the speed of development could probably far exceed our expectations, and the future development speed may be faster.

Why we say so? Now everyone know, a released of a new mobile phone or tablet, NFC has almost become the standard. Since the all nokia Phone support NFC technology, Microsoft's Windows Phone and Win 8 tablet also started mass popular of NFC, or even take NFC for selling point get out some practical functions. In addition, the original Google Wallet is based on NFC mobile payment technical, after persist for some time, Google use Nexus 7 mentioned NFC again.

Of course, the most important thing, is the next generation apple iPhone. Although the mainly market of iPhone is North America, Australia and parts of Asia, but if the iPhone support NFC, christians absolutly will make great contribution. And according to iOS 6, the Passbook, iPhone prototype machine and some cooperation tendency of apple, the next generation iPhone is very likely to support NFC technology, especially in the NFC mobile payment.

Of course, apple still don't know it's reliable or not. As we know now, is that Nokia Microsoft, Samsung and Google have started to force, no matter where the way of NFC mobile payment, at least this year we can see the hope of NFC technology popularization.

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