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HP MediaVault mv2010 (300gb NAS)
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Site Police

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PostPost subject: HP MediaVault mv2010 (300gb NAS)
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:27 am
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Being a Best Buy employee, I see a lot of product come and go. A couple weeks ago I had a guy ask me to price our last 300gb mediavault as it's pricetag was missing. Price-checked it for him.. clearance.. pricetag: $99! I came pretty close to crapping my pants, especially since he took it without hesitation and it was our last one. Immediately I checked the price of the 500gb version: $499.... crap. Pulled up the inventory system to find that there were very few of these floating around. In a nutshell, I drove 3 hours (through atlanta) to pick one up in Douglasville, GA. After gas and tax it was still under $150 (regular $399). Excellent buy.

The HP Media Vault is a network attached storage device built in the same case as HP's slimline PC's. They come equiped with either a 300GB or 500GB SATA300 hard drive. They also contain a quick-swap bay for adding in another SATA drive. The box claims up to 1.5TB of storage space, so i'm assuming that you can remove the drive that originally came in it and put 2x 750GB hard drives. The only way to transfer data from this device to a computer is through a gigabit ethernet NIC. As for other ports, it also has 3x USB ports for connecting up to 3 additional external hard drives or printers. Also supports mirroring raid to an internal drive or external.

My Thoughts:
Definitely solid in design (being that it's build in a computer chassis). When i first plugged this into my router my vista computer detected it without a problem. But then after i installed the software it ceased to show up under network places (aside from as a media server) unless i installed the software, which i think is what it's supposed to do for added security. The sync software (NTI Shadow) that came with this transfered extremely slow. Unfortunately it didnt give me any numbers but when transfering about 40gb I waited about 45 minutes and it was still not more than 2% finished. When I manually copied files to the drive, or used my favorite sync program (SyncBack) it was wicked fast, reaching speeds of about 100mbps (the bottleneck just happens to be my router, so new speeds will be posted once i pick up a faster router/switch). Currently I have not had a chance to check out all the usb ports on this for printers or external drives. I've already got my printer hooked up to my main computer and just have it shared for printing from my laptop. I have not gotten a chance to try out the extra drive bay or mirroring yet. Ideally, I would like to put in 2x 500gb or 2x 750gb hard drives, mirror them, then be set for a while.

The software included is easy to follow for setting up the drive, mirroring, syncing (although slow), and mapping drive letter.

Another perk: The drive comes preloaded with the Bourne Identity. It's about 960mb in size, 20frames/sec, 2000kbps video bitrate, 128kbps audio bitrate.
AND, you get 2 free movie downloads from which is about a $30 value.


Pros: SATA, RAID, Empty bay, gigabit super fast, free movies, 3x USB

Cons: Slow sync software, no stripping raid

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Category (1) Deputy

Category (1) Deputy

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PostPost subject:
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:03 am
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You mentioned printers

Tried anything, because I would love an NAS that could netowrk my PSC 1400 correctly
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PostPost subject:
Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:00 am
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