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$$$ - We need these features created
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PostPost subject: $$$ - We need these features created
Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2004 2:14 am
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1. I would like a php or java speed test that benchmarks say, a 2MB file and then shows the results to the user (their download and upload speed) and shows the latest results from all users. I would like it to benchmark download and upload. I have seen php and java speed tests done before too.

2. Security test too where it scans the specified ports (common ones) of the person who wants to see how secure their computer is.

3. Tweaks test. A person clicks a button and it checkes their receive window (RWIN) and MTU and then reports them to the user. An added plus would be a program then to change them in whatever Windows OS.

4. Trace Route Quality test. Pings each hop on the way to your IP and then shows the packet loss. Ex. user types IP address in, the computer here pings each hop 50 times. A packet loss number then is shown for each hop.

For mod #1, #2 and #3, #4 for the person who does it, I will give them a position here at my website if they would like. It's a slowly growing computer website but I hope to get some online tools to go along with it. Some money opportunities would go along with it too... we could sell licenses for the speed and security tests.

Please post in this thread or contact me via private message or the email link.

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