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How to join! Setup guide to crunch TSC.
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PostPost subject: How to join! Setup guide to crunch TSC.
Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2003 2:45 am
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Distributed Computing Guide:

How to join us crunching the TSC project here at! The setup guide to crunch TSC. Feel free to use this guide if you want to have your website's members crunch for our team. Information is here if you're a webmaster.

Step by step procedures explaining what to do to sign up for one of our Distributed Computing teams, TSC.

1. Go to the TSC Downloads Page and download TSC. Chose your operating system, either Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP, Mac OS X, Solaris or Linux. Save it to your desktop or somewhere convenient. The file size is 15.5 MB for Windows Machines and 6.81 MB for Mac OS X.

If you have a non-Windows system but is still supported by TSC, you will have to go to that downloads page for additional information and support.

2. Now once the download is finished, find it and open it. Go through the options or follow the steps (pretty much just click OK or Next).

3. When you are done with that, make sure you have an internet connection. You will get this message. Type in your real email address to register because you will need it later also. Then click Continue.

4. TSC will connect and start to download its candidates. This could take a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection.

5. To speed things up, press the button that says "MSG" which is on the bottom, almost to the left. Move the detail switch which is on the bottom right to the lowest setting (move it towards the - ). Where you see the two x's and two y's on the bottom in the middle of the two magnify glasses you will want to move the switch to the middle until you see the molecules in the backround stop. Finally click the magnify glass on the right (Zoom Out) until the molecules don't move anymore.

Your TSC client should look like this now:

6. Click the check mark box on the left of the TSC client or minimize the client by clicking the close box and right clicking the icon near your clock and going to "Properties...". Once the Properties opens, Uncheck "Launch main window on startup" and "Enable animations". Change the candidate queue size to 2000 by deleting the current value and typing 2000 in. Once you do that click OK.

7. You will now want to click the close box on the main TSC client. This will minimize it to the tray and speed up crunch time. It will slow it down A LOT if you are looking at it or have it minimized in the task bar.

8. You will now want to join the ComputersOC team. Do it as soon as possible once you are at this step. Click here to create an account first. Use your email address that you used when you set up the TSC client. Where it says Node ID, you will need to look as it says in the upper right hand corner of your agent:

The rest is up to you to decide on what to create (member name and password). You should make your member name the same as yours here at Click Create when you are done.

Now you will want to join the ComputersOC team. When you are logged into your account, under Team Information find or go to this page here if it lets you join from that.

9. When you are done and still at your member's page at the TSC website, look under the Node Information. If you don't see anything or are going to install TSC on another computer, you will need to click Add Node. With your information in it of course, if your screen looks like mine below then click Add:

10. Now you are a member of the TSC team here at! Welcome!

11. Now you can stop by the TSC forum here at ComputersOC and say you joined if you would like. We always welcome you!

Now you are done! Feel free to stop by the forum any time or regularly!

NOTE: TSC will not slow your computer down as long as you press the close box. It uses the CPU percentage that you are not using. Usually you are not using 99 % of it. If you play a game or need the CPU then TSC will give it back and still stay open and crunch with what is not needed. It does this automatically!

You can only run one distributed application (UD, TSC, FAH, SETI, etc. ) at a time. Just run one. You can always switch between them if you want every week or so like a lot of members do.

There is no agent to cache work units for TSC. It caches a lot based on your connection and how often you send them in. You could always have UD as a backup (or any other of our DC projects) in case TSC is down for more than a few days.

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