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Yankees place Alex Rodriguez on 15-day D
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PostPost subject: Yankees place Alex Rodriguez on 15-day D
Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:40 am
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David Ortizhas a me sage for all you flipping haters.The Red Sox slugger has weighed in on MLB's bat-flip debate, and he didn't leave any doubt where he stands.MORE: Best Red Sox players of all time| Baseball's dumbest unwritten rules"Whenever somebody criticizes a power hitter for what we do after we hit a home Ted Williams Jersey run, I consider that person someone who is not able to hit a homer ever in his life,"Ortiz told the Boston Globeon Sunday. Look at who criticizes the power hitters in the game and what we do. Its either a pitcher or somebody that never played the game. Think about it. You dont know that feeling."You dont know what it takes to hit a homer off a guy who throws 95 miles per hour. You dont know anything about it. And if you dont know anything about it, (shut up). (Shut up). Seriously. Jim Rice Jersey If you dont know anything about it, (shut up), because that is another level."Ortiz certainly knowswhat it takes to hit a fastball out of the park. He has 503 career home runs, good for 27th on the all-time list. On plenty of those long balls, "Big Papi" has addeda little extra flavor tothe end of his swing. "Of course as a pitcher youre not going to like it if I take you deep, but after I do it, suck it up, man," Ortiz said."Take it like a man. I dont mind anybody doing anything when you strike me out or get myself out. Youre never going to see me criticizing anybody, because Mookie Betts Cool Base Scarlet Jersey you know what? Whatever you do out there, you just motivate me. You just motivate me."If I take you deep and I pimp the (expletive)out of it, that should be motivation for you to try to get me out in my next at-bat, instead of just talking (expletive). Thats the way I see it."Blue Jays rightfielderJose Bautista sparked the flippingcontroversy during last year's ALDS when he launched his batafter an incredible three-run homer. Baseball stars past and present have since taken Ted Williams 1990 Collection Practice Jersey strong stances on the i sue.Bryce Harper wants players to be more expre sive, while Mike Trout believes bat flips are an attempt to show up pitchers.Thenthere's Hall of Famer Goose Go sage, who calledBautista a "disgrace"and thinks "nerds" are ruining the game.SPECTOR: Go sage can't speak for Latin players| FOSTER:Can't we all get along in baseball?In Ortiz's mind,the baseball worldshouldn't be afraid of youthfulexuberance because, "Its what happens in between the two lines, and which should stay there.""I respect you as a person. Im not supposed to go out there and hit you with my baseball bat, but the damn round thing that is coming at me, Im trying to break it. So all this little crying (expletive)that is going on in the baseball game in todays day, people need to stop, man."People need to focus on what is good and what is not. If a player is good, lets enjoy it David Ortiz Youth Cool Base Scarlet Jersey . It doesnt matter if its a hitter, pitcher, position player. Good players, enjoy it."Opposing pitchers take heed.Ortiz isn't going to stop "pimping" homers, even in his final season.
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