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 Date/Time is Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:28 pm
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If you've achieved Master and Meister ranking levels, I beli
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PostPost subject: If you've achieved Master and Meister ranking levels, I beli
Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:32 am
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If you've achieved Master and Meister ranking levels, I believe that you need to be able to purchase Master and Meister cubes (or the crafting stuff to create one) straight from 2K19 MT Crafting Merchant Nack. The cubes are untradable anyways, and should no longer be tradable involving the account. The normal cost per block could be approximately 6m to 10m per block with just 3 of each purchasable daily. The price is inexpensive, so the weaker players that reached master and meister amounts can buy at least 1 a day, and the cap is indeed extremely rich don't just buy hundreds of cubes at once and get started selling freshly cubed equipment.

What if they can build Battleroids (low pass rate), Outlaw Hearts (low pass rate), Superior Lidium(average pass rate), and Titanium hearts rather(Below average pass rate)? Or rather something new and unique like armored attack mounts like tank (low movement rate, very low fire speed, higher damage rate, higher defense rate, can flash leap) and airship mounts (high movement speed, average fire speed, very low damage rate, typical protection speed, can fly just like xenon) that can attack in ordinary maps and supervisors?

Special attack mounts can be a cool thing by which gamers can attack with vehicles which also protect them from perishing one time per use. The bracket is removed upon being ruined and can not be "healed" with potions.

I think players that usually craft cubes would still purchase them to craft extra cubes, since you can only buy so many cubes per day, individuals that are forced to buy more to get the "perfect possible" will be willing to obtain the extra stuff (cubic blades( and fragments) to create their own.

In the event that you were to collect the materials on your own from bossing/mining or bossing for fragments.But we could go a bit higher on the price such as 8m rather than 6m for ace cubes and 12m instead of 10m to get meisters. I am just basing this from Reboot's 12m to get a red cube and 7m for venture cubes. I'm all for alchemy master/meister substances to be marketed by nack though. Since nobody seems to gather them.
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