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 Date/Time is Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:45 pm
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Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 3:01 am
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LOS ANGELES´╝î March 29 (Xinhua) -- A U.S. federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday extended his previous nationwide order blocking the implementation of President Donald Trump's revised travel ban while the lawsuit continues.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson's original order halting the travel ban was issued on March 15´╝î hours before the ban was set to go into effect´╝î in the form of a nationwide temporary restraining order.

Court papers show that Watson granted a motion on Wednesday to turn his temporary restraining order into a preliminary injunction´╝î extending his order against the ban while the case moves forward.

The move sets the stage for the Department of Justice to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals´╝î which is the same court that upheld a national halt to Trump's first travel ban last month after a Seattle federal judge ruled against it.

Hawaii has become the first state in the United States to file a lawsuit against Trump's revised travel ban. Judge Watson blocked provisions of the March 6 executive order of Trump that would have frozen the refugee program for 120 days and stopped citizens of six Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The revised travel ban will bar entry of citizens of Iran´╝î Libya´╝î Syria´╝î Somalia´╝î Sudan and Yemen for 90 days.

The new order lowered the named nations from seven to six´╝î among other changes. Iraq´╝î which was included in the first ban´╝î has been taken off the list.

The state of Hawaii sued to stop the travel ban´╝î arguing the president's policy violates the Constitution and the travel ban would harm its economy because of the loss of tourism and the ability to recruit international students.

Trump reacted to Watson's March 15 restraining order by calling the ruling "an unprecedented judicial overreach"´╝î pledging to take the legal fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

BEIRUT Mexicana F├║tbol Camiseta , Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- A Saudi national was kidnapped in the vicinity of the Keserwan locality of Adma in Lebanon, the National News Agency (NNA) reported on Friday.

Ali al-Bishrawi, 32 years old Mexicana Corona Mundial Camiseta , was lured away from his residence on Thursday night and had been missing since then, according to NNA.

His wife, who is a Syrian national Jesus Molina Mundial Camiseta , filed earlier a missing person report, after she received an anonymous phone call demanding a ransom.

Authorities have launched investigations into the case.

The Saudi Embassy in Lebanon called for the release of the kidnapped citizen.

The embassy confirmed it had "contacted Lebanese security authorities at the highest level to assist to secure the release of the kidnapped citizen unconditionally and as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, Lebanese Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said that his country would not tolerate people who exploit the current political crisis to disrupt Lebanon's stability.

"The safety and security of Saudi citizens and all Arab and foreign nationals is a priority for Lebanese authorities Paul Aguilar Mundial Camiseta ," said the minister on Twitter.

The abduction came after tensions rose between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon following the sudden resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in Saudi last week.

When you start your own company, printed materials are one of the many important things that are required to accomplish daily operations. Whether for workplace or promotional use, the purpose of printed materials cannot be discounted.

There are various professional printing service providers that offer different packages for printing different items at certain prices. If you do not select the printing service carefully Carlos Pena Mundial Camiseta , you might end up having a bad printing experience with an incompetent company. Here are some suggestions as to how you can avoid such a frustrating situation.

All the reputable companies believe in maintaining their websites through which they communicate with their clients. In order to access their websites, you just need to type a relevant keyword along with the location. A list of top five or ten companies will be there in front of you. Spare some time and go through the websites of top three companies. Do not forget to check the reviews of previous clients.

Another way to benchmark the company is through the ambience it exudes and the resources it uses. The face value of print services includes their website design, taglines Jesus Duenas Mundial Camiseta , business logos, sample works, and their stores or shops. If their website design and logo is not up to the mark Orbelin Pineda Mundial Camiseta , this means they are most likely to provide the same for their customers.

It is important to study the offers provided by the company. Find out if they have all kind of printed materials required by your business. If the company has additional promotional items for sale, it's a good sign. Also, check out if they offer services like lamination and volume printing because having everything under one roof is always convenient.

Professional printing services always have physical offices to set up meeting with their clients and to accommodate the employees. If you come across a company that does not have proper office Andres Guardado Mundial Camiseta , you should quit the idea of hiring it.

When you visit the office or shop of any printing service, try to observe the way of communication of their employees. The employees should be quick and polite in accommodating the requests of their customers. A professional company is always attentive to the needs of its clients, and this is one of the important factors that play an important role in providing quality output.

It is important to check the quality of equipment used by the printing company. Just check if their printers are up to date. It is not necessary that they should have latest models of printers but at least they should be in a good working condition. Many companies fail to meet deadlines becau. Cheap Penguins Jerseys Cheap Lightning Jerseys Cheap Islanders Jerseys Cheap Vegas Golden Knights Jerseys Wholesale Flyers Jerseys Wholesale Calgary Flames Jerseys Wholesale New Jersey Devils Jerseys Wholesale Vancouver Canucks Jerseys Wholesale Washington Capitals Jerseys Wholesale Team Canada Hockey Jerseys
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