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 Date/Time is Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:18 am
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The processing forms and difficulties of stainless fittings
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PostPost subject: The processing forms and difficulties of stainless fittings
Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:26 am
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Stainless steel pipe fittings are made of bending and deformation. In the process of processing, there will always be some difficult aspects of processing, so it is necessary to focus on how to adjust, cool and lubricate the cutting tools. This article introduces the various forms and difficulties of the mutual processing and deformation of the stainless steel pipes and the corresponding notices.
The processing form of stainless steel pipe fittings:
1, the fittings with flanges and round edges. The former refers to the ends of the stainless steel pipes protruding to the inside or the outside side, and the latter refers to the pipes that are raised or grooved in the circumferential direction of the stainless steel tubes.
2. The stainless steel pipe with a stainless steel elbow with variable wall thickness makes the wall thickness change along the length of the tube.
3, the bending pipe of stainless steel elbow, usually more common is, the stainless steel straight tube into different curvature radius bend, such as elbow, bend and so on.
4. The diameter of a stainless steel elbow is changed in diameter, that is, the diameter of a part of the tube or part of the tube is narrowed.
5. A stainless steel pipe with a winding and a seal, which improves the total strength of the stainless steel tube end to the outer or inner side of the tube or the end of the pipe.
6. The section of stainless steel pipe parts is processed, and the circular section is turned into square, elliptical and polygon.
The difficulties in the processing of stainless steel pipe fittings:
In the process of processing stainless steel pipes, there are more difficult points. One is that the friction between the workpiece and the tool will produce high heat and easy to wear cutting tools. Therefore, the requirements for cutting tool materials are more stringent, and they need to wear resistance and high temperature. And to meet the sharp edge of the edge.
The other difficult point is that the machining speed is slow, because the force in the cutting is larger and the production efficiency is not high. In addition, because of the high amount of heat, it is necessary to choose a good cooling oil, usually with sulfur chloride, which will have a good effect. But all of the above are good. The hardest thing is to drill deep holes and tapping. Therefore, when the stainless steel pipe fittings are processed, the workers' experience and technology should be excellent.
Attention to the processing of stainless steel pipe:
The first is to pay attention to the processing performance of stainless steel, stainless steel cutting large plastic, high toughness, cutting the consumption of energy, high cutting temperature, stainless steel with low heat conductivity, good heat treatment not easily lead to tool temperature, stainless steel welding bonding coagulation is strong, cutting to form a built-up edge stainless steel hardening tendency is strong, easy to generate cutting surface hardening layer, stainless steel is not easily broken chip cutting blocked, resulting in a stainless steel surface finish is affected.
The second is the stainless steel cutting tool, the angle is not easy too, usually is 12 to 30 degrees, the front grinding crescent chip guiding groove can improve the cutting conditions, the posterior horn, is turning to the hard alloy, after the need to take 6 - 10 degree angle, the high-speed steel tool, after the angle should be 8 - 12 degrees, the main angle, the main angle is 60 - 75 degree angle, the need for 8 - 20 degrees, in the rough car should be greater than zero, in the car to less than zero, the nose radius, usually 0.2 - 0.8mm.
Third is the need to pay attention to stainless steel cutting when cooling and lubrication, we need to use the cooling and lubricating performance better lubricating oil, so that can effectively improve the work efficiency.
Source: China Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (
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