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FIFA 18 FUT Mode: FIFA18 Skill Moves Tips
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PostPost subject: FIFA 18 FUT Mode: FIFA18 Skill Moves Tips
Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:45 am
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We have discussed the pratical skill moves in the part one of FIFA18 Skill Moves Tips in the last article, buy cheap fifa 18 coins and now letís keep talking more about the FIFA 18 Skill Moves Tips in the follows:


1. First of all, keep good mind. Reversing many times, and do not feel anxious when you lag behindÖI have lagged 3 goals in the first d1 20 minutes, and finally reversed by 6:3;

2. Pay more attention to pass the ball well. Donít always take the ball. If your teammate canít keep up, then you will have nobody to pass the ball as you are defended.

3. Back-guard. Cm Do not dive too much into the ball and keep the formation. These two positions are critical for defense. If you take the ball too deep and you are robbed, you will be attacked by the offensive. Itís very easy to make the tragedyÖ In particular, cm is a passing point and a long shot point. Occasionally, ai will let him step into the penalty zone (absolute chance) and donít let him manually run ramdonly (L1);

4. To deceive opponents route. For example, if you see the straight line, you will easily be defensed (because you can see the route and the other person can see it). The passing route is very important!

FIFA18 Skill Moves Tips

How to select suitable players?

The centre forward is the key, and there are body shots that can be used as a fulcrum (the best mentality is easy to retrace).

The best Winger is 4 stars, and the occasional fakes skill moves are very usefulÖ when you canít pass it up, the individual blasting is very important. The occasional sm can make you upset your opponent.

The attacking midfielder must be flexible and must have long-range and front-inserting capabilities (such as Philippe Coutinho and Christian Eriksen). Nacer Chadli is not very good, and the blue card feels hard. Two cm is best not to have high attack mentality, they are critical for defense, especially the 433-4 formation, cm like to plug in.

The central defender has to look at the squad first. The speed can be more than 70. Itís really not good if the speed is too slow.

If you know well these FIFA 18 Skill Moves, just buy fifa coins cheapest now to enjoy the game.
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