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 Date/Time is Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:08 pm
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two installation methods of stainless steel pipe fittings
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PostPost subject: two installation methods of stainless steel pipe fittings
Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:08 am
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Stainless steel pipe fittings in the installation, there are two ways are the viega profi-press and the groove, and they have their own advantages, including stainless steel viega profi-press pipe is an upgraded version of the stainless steel pipe fittings, compared with the ordinary stainless steel pipe fittings, the installation is very easy.
Its working principle is to put the stainless steel tube inserted into the viega profi-press pipe socket, at the time of installation does not need to be welded, using specialized conformity of tools the stainless steel pipe stuck inside pipe fittings, installation time, and can also be fired later period maintenance updates, opposite for the stainless steel pipe fittings with better efficiency. The section shape of the compression section is hexagonal shape, with an o-ring seal between the stainless steel tube and the pipe fitting, which has the advantages of stop seepage, tensile, shock resistance and high pressure. However, the drawback is that when the connection is connected, the pressure-type pipe is meant to kill the connection directly, and then it is not to be removed, so the installation will need to be reinstalled once the installation is made.
This kind of stainless steel pipe fittings is a kind of advanced connector commonly used in direct drinking water system, water system, heating system, steam system, industrial oil pipe system and industrial pipe system.
Another kind of groove type pipe connection technology is also known as general clamp connection, now has become a choice of liquid, gas pipe connection technology, though the technology in domestic development time later than abroad, but with the development of the technology, has been recognized by the domestic market rapidly. At present, it has been widely used in various fields in China, and it has begun to gradually replace the traditional connection of flange connection and welding.
There are two main types of pipe fittings. One is the pipe fittings that are connected to seal and have rigid joint, flexible structure, mechanical three-way and grooved flange. The second is the connection of the transition of the pipe fittings with elbow, tee, four-way, reducer, blind, etc.
The grooved fittings with connection seals usually consist of three parts: sealing rubber ring, clamp and locking bolt. In the inner lining of the rubber seal on the outer edge of the connected pipes, and match the grooves and rolled in advance, then buckle on the outside of the rubber ring clamp, then with two bolts. Because the rubber sealing ring and clamp the peculiar can seal structural design, can help to form good sealing groove joints, and with the increasing of fluid pressure stainless steel tube, the stainless steel pipe fittings of sealing will be further improved.
Source: China Pipe Fittings Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (
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