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How to judge the quality of toner?
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PostPost subject: How to judge the quality of toner?
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:53 am
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The charge (toner charge to mass ratio): printer toner and carrier saturated friction with the power. The charge to mass ratio, expressed in units of kg. Generally its nominal value by the toner manufacturers, the limit deviation of ± 30%. After matching with carrier, the charge amount should match the requirement of developer. The nominal value of the determination of the current practice is to test the OEM model, but because of the limitations of the model, and test the choice of carrier is often difficult to determine, and then it is difficult to accurately determine the range of charge to meet the requirements of the use of only Can sum up a reference range. Therefore, including some toner manufacturers and the use of enterprises, are actually using the machine, and then make the final judgment based on the quality of photographic products.

The softening point: Under the conditions specified, the constant temperature heating quantitative toner, so that the melt out of the nozzle outflow, when the cf230a toner outflow of one-half the temperature when the softening point, in units of C. Generally prescribed by the toner manufacturer nominal value, the limit deviation of ± 6 ℃. Mainly affect the softening point of the toner resin raw materials. Its use of the product mainly affects the fixing performance.

Melt index: under the conditions specified, the amount of toner per second out of the nozzle. The same toner properties as the softening point. The unit is ML / S.

Particle size distribution: Particle size range of particle size distribution of percentage. Particle size The median diameter refers to the particle size distribution of the cumulative percentage of the cumulative value of the corresponding half of the particle size. The unit is μm. Particle size distribution requirements are: R5.0% below 5 μm; R7.5% above 20 μm. While the median diameter is usually determined by the toner manufacturer with a limit deviation of ± 1.0 μm because the toner with a too small particle size has a high chargeability and a large amount of force adsorbed on the carrier, Larger diagonally larger toners may cause photographic defects such as the more pronounced white spots in the blackboard, both of which should be controlled in the proper range.

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