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Chicken Invaders 3 Easter 3.79
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PostPost subject: Chicken Invaders 3 Easter 3.79
Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:15 am
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Chicken Invaders 3 Easter is a chicken version shooting game Easter, colorful and extremely vibrant. You can defeat the evil monster chickens and the boss really moves name or not? Please try in game chicken shoot it this interesting space.

For centuries man has oppressed chicken species, we turn chicken, boiled, grilled, stewed and stuffed them into the pie. It is time for people to pay for their deeds and actions chicken species.

See more: beetalk 1.3.1 ios google chrome 49

They invade the Earth, in retaliation for the downtrodden fellows. They are present everywhere on earth and in space. Now only you can repel the invasion and save humanity from the scourge of eternal servitude under the oppression of the evil Monster *beep*.

Things have become serious. The chickens are in the middle of the galaxy and start attacking the solar system, they want to monopolize all the planets. The war was started and only you can make a difference. Can you succeed? The future of chicken burgers be secure? Or will you turn into a menu in the restaurant of the chick on the galaxy?

Explore 6 unique weapons and a secret. Upgrade weapons through 11 levels of powerful and up to level 12 super terrible.
Collect 30 special bonuses.
Kill the chickens in 120 chicken devilry.
Confrontation and lower bosses to have more money and special bullets.
Eat plenty of chicken thighs for increased life and get the rocket.
Many scenarios are awarded and many unique obstacles to overcome.
Two-player mode, play with your friends over the Internet.
Collect 13 medals to boost your career fowl hunting.
Traveled through 12 planets to destroy the chickens.
Unlock 7 secret features.
Ranking scores to help you track the progress through the game screen.

You will use the mouse to play the game, the left mouse button to fire bullets and right click to launch a missile or can use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot the birds.

After entering the name, you will choose a suitable player mode can be played alone, or play two players on the LAN, play with your friends over the Internet.

Your task in each level vary, but basically still is to destroy as many chickens as possible. First, kill the chicken to cross the gate, second, shoot as many chickens you will more chicken thighs , grilled chicken, chicken sandwiches to eat, rising scores and increased life. Third, the chicken was shot as much you will have the opportunity to eat new types of ammunition, or ammunition upgrades.

Shooting Games This chicken has some ammunition: red, green, orange, blue, bullets spark. Each bullet will have strengths and weaknesses are different, you should try to spend all This ammunition, upgrade them to have interesting experiences.Example: red bullet medium capable offensive and defensive capabilities had, this bullet as upgrading the stronger, while it granted 12 additional jets are very useful horizontal and multiplayer Most Popular . Bullets green is considered the most powerful, but it also quickly as possible. Bullets also spark a powerful ammunition, if the opportunity you should try this round.

Each store will have chickens appear different way, different types of flying and you have to be very nimble to just shoot them just do not hit them and the eggs they laid. Not only do the chickens, flying in the galaxy you will encounter many obstacles as the aircraft space, the machines, the aliens, or flying rock bands with dizzying speed.

To end each door play you need to defeat the bosses, they have weapons and special moves that you struggled kill, especially when your bullet has not been upgraded.

Game Chicken Invaders 3 Easter Chicken Shoot has many screen bonus game where you can take advantage of to make chicken thighs, roasted chicken, the giant burgers, or precious coins and of course the ammo box, or upgrade bullets. So be well prepared for the bonus door and attempted to destroy all the enemies to be able to eat as much reward.

The game's graphics and sound effects create a real war between you and the legions of chickens. Chicken Invaders 3 Easter though not the latest version of chicken shot, but it carries a special color of Easter, with the unique shape should retain a certain position in the hearts of gamers. Download Chicken Invaders 3 Easter game and enjoy this unique chicken shoot soon.
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