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 Date/Time is Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:08 pm
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Summer irrigation work into the climax
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PostPost subject: Summer irrigation work into the climax
Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:20 pm
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In recent years, pavement irrigation technology as an effective preventive conservation methods have been generally accepted by local road maintenance departments. Asphalt pavement used in the material is called pouring glue. Grouting glue is usually used rubber modified asphalt filling material, that is, rubber asphalt filling glue. At present, the domestic use of pouring glue from a wide range of quality, uneven quality, the use of the effect is not ideal, especially low temperature performance is generally poor, a lot of pouring glue to the winter that is cracked with the cracks wall, lost the waterproof effect. Moreover, China has no relevant technical specifications can be used to evaluate the performance of filling glue, to give inferior opportunities to take advantage of the product.
The main contents of the standard include rubber asphalt filling glue basic requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, labeling, packaging, transportation and storage. The standard is classified according to the minimum applicable temperature of rubber asphalt pouring glue products, which are high temperature type, ordinary type, low temperature type and cold type, and stipulate the corresponding technical requirements. Standard for rubber asphalt poured out of a complete test methods, including low temperature tensile test, cone penetration test, softening point test, flow test and elastic test and other five tests, and test equipment, test procedures and evaluation indicators to make The detailed provisions.
The company's production of road filling glue in strict accordance with the national transport industry standards, the company's main: pouring glue, anti-cracking stickers, paste sewing belt and other products in recent years in China's highway pavement conservation project has been rapidly promoting the application.
amazon foam roller trigger point
asphalt cement printing
paver finisher manufacturer
aggregate chip spreader on road
Road Repair Machines
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