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 Date/Time is Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:11 pm
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Sale of floor favour network
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PostPost subject: Sale of floor favour network
Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:03 am
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<p>Compound floor in what experienced whole summer after winter sleep period, will walk out of trough to begin his new &ldquo; journey &rdquo; gradually, among them in compound floor price returns high end to rise small. </p>
<p>As the formal arrival of autumn day, of temperature reduce, of compound floor price rise gradually, with the development of whole market cent does not leave. </p>
<p>Above all, at present the price goes low, it is seasonal pattern, the weakest in a year is summer vacation time. Off-season sales promotion, clear the common method that inventory makes provision for busy season is a businessman. And will come September this paragraph of time before the Spring Festival, the sales volume of compound floor occupies the 60% above of annual sales volume. </p>
<p>The 2nd, compound floor suffers high density of Hdf(of less important raw material to spend substrate) the impact of the price is the biggest, the density of domestic less important supplier board price near future already rose 2% ~ 5% differ. </p>
<p>The 3rd, demand of compound floor market increases continuously, especially since 2003, annual the rate of 30% rises up to. Secondary of point of growth has 2: It is to originate the growth that housing tears open long heft, and tear open 2 times of housing repair, office place is used, commercial place is used, rural market is extended wait still will large-scale the market demand; that releases wooden floor 2 it is to originate compound floor is being spread last in tearing open material than sinking growth. </p>
<p>The 4th, via detecting after market fractionize, compound floor product offers high end in be less than beg, because craft is careful,exceed real wood floor especially, production is slower. The say view that element has &ldquo; to exceed &rdquo; of encyclopedia of solid Mu Baike gives birth to floor near future to appear the phenomenon that demand exceeds supply. </p> "Veranda Composit Decking Online
boat deck sheeting composite material
wood panel with a foam core
diy wooden bench with back support"
Road Repair Machines
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