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Foreground of floor network sale is not had but set limit to
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PostPost subject: Foreground of floor network sale is not had but set limit to
Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:20 am
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<p>Catch key innovation to be first article</p>
<p>Floor industry development is old, still have a lot of the place that fare badly: Admittance doorsill low, product is coessential change, excessive sale, price war is rampant &hellip;&hellip; of course this is not a floor the problem of an industry, it is the problem that the country develops to a lot of industries in the process are faced with and be improved urgently in high speed. During 925 , according to the Communist Party of China seventeen 5 in the way with certain plenary meeting, china will continue Chinese characteristic is new-style industrialized road, implement the change of industrial big country to industrial power. For this, need upgrades in innovation ability, industry and kongfu of system innovation fluctuation. Be in the floor bound of transition period, want to capture this opportunity to march toward an international market, and innovation is best weapon. </p>
<p>Country adviser of association of forest products industry, before chairman Zhang Senlin says or state with certainty, accompany growth of GDP high speed, chinese floor industry still will have opportunity of 20 years of gold period. At present the industry spends difference centrally, the enterprise spans only sincere letter closes, the brand closes, dimensions closes, patent closes, the market closes, resource closes, culture closes 7 big juncture, square can break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties, obtain in the challenge that grow day and day due position, become even get army enterprise. England the expert Berlin that advanced brand sale manages mode to introduce Fox management of China to consult a company points out, innovation is first-rate propositional, but should not talk about sale with respect to sale. Company sale shift is very at present rich, close already excessive, if stay at sale of technical layer interview to innovate only, it is improper. Innovation should solve recognizant problem of the policymaker above all, it is brand innovation next, just be sale moreover. And the essence of sale depends on product and service, only the innovation of consumer of base oneself upon just is significant, withstand examines. Business side, some innovates from the technology, some innovates from culture, express the understanding to the theme in succession. </p>
<p>Collective of enterprise of broken groovy floor phonates</p>
<p>Floor industry puts in to blame the current situation: Ring is not big, mutual understanding, but be in mostly play solo, and you are sung I come on stage, good not lively. Very rare industry can be heavy next hearts will sit together, true from the industry the angle of benign development, do real thing. A certain number of a few bosses, chief inspector sit together to be talked is constant some thing, but much float at the surface, flow at cross the stage, be tight-mouthed is the characteristic of most enterprise. Investigate its reason, the doorsill that floor industry enters is lower, the product is imitated easily, competition is unusually intense. And below the effect that sufferring financial crisis and estate policy adjusting control one after another, the gain of floor enterprise is very small, it is difficult to live mostly. Below this kind of setting, the enterprise immerses oneself in the benefit at oneself, be too busy how does attend to industry grow, the successful experience that won't take oneself more is shared for others. </p>
<p>Forum of sale of innovation of 2010 international floor is on some kind of meaning a kind of brand-new attempt and develop. Be in actually this special phase, gather the enterprise talking about innovation sale should risk very big risk, sponsor however just express, the purpose of forum depends on force of elite of sale of floor of U.N. inside and outside, make Chinese floor course of study have the forum of &ldquo; sale &rdquo; of internationalization eye shot, build communication communication and the platform that thinking collides for personage of sale of floor of China and foreign countries, draw lessons from new concept of sale of industry of study international etc, new method and trend at the same time, enterprise of floor of help China wood defeats solution sale difficult problem, bring beneficial inspiration for floor sale person and agency, the company sale that promotes Chinese floor trade, management and innovation ability. And pass strong platform and media participate in extensively, to enlist support the enterprise provides the most valuable promotion platform. </p>
<p>Numerous global association, manufacturer, agency, cent sells business, building materials to sell a delegate, media to assemble in a communicative innovation, sale and channel, numerous ginseng can represent speak out freely, share experience, spread out intense discussion, so massive act, still belong to in floor industry first. Friend of home of holy elephant, nature, life, world, bring feeling of letter, North America maple, surely beautiful, grand be able to bear or endure wait for an enterprise the leader arrives at the spot in succession, introduce oneself sale experience. </p>
<p>The green sale of line of link of entire industry of the internationalization that emperor resembles and green, nature, the culture of life home innovates, the success that mutual affection of North America maple enjoys project channel, grand be able to bear or endure elaborate enterprise of a gleam of of home of &hellip;&hellip; of network channel experience to take his flashiest sale and channel experience share for everybody. Reach the same goal by different routes, when accepting media to interview, manager of a lot of companies delivers the view of sale finally to product, service, hardware to wait again, think the essence of sale still depends on these the basiccest things. </p>""
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