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 Date/Time is Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:40 am
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building materials magazine advertising
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PostPost subject: building materials magazine advertising
Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:57 am
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<p> "Old to do when the old difficult new: to do a new method limited Sun total, floor recycling the most critical" supply. " He is online and some home building materials magazine advertising,make garden seat boxes from wooden 24 hours standby. If a customer calls to the customer home valuation, the specific price depends on the use of the floor, and if you can re-use more, the price will be high. And sometimes can encounter a new floor to be demolished, it is a Korean, bought a house in Shanghai, because do not like the floor style to remove the heavy equipment. Recycling back to the floor can not be "re-processing", the initial race will lose a lot, <a href=''>how much do fences cost per foot</a>stay will be re-processing.</p>
<p> Depending on the use of the floor, some simple refurbishment can be re-market, and some will be sent to the factory, in-depth processing. According to Sun introduced,wood effect plastic covering plastic the so-called deep processing, is the original nine feet of the floor into six feet, re-slot, for simple maintenance. So simple processing, so that the industry is very primitive. Then there is no deep processing possible? Now the second floor of the treatment is almost three,<a href=''>pvc picket fence prices reviews</a> one is to change the length of the original floor; one is variable for the female slot; there is a do not remove, Directly in the customer home renovation maintenance.</p>
<p> If more in-depth processing, such as the plate made of reinforced plate, the cost is much higher than the direct purchase of sheet metal, so inappropriate.waterproof ceiling planks "Green industry" where the road? Although in this industry for ten years, referring to the future direction of development of the industry, Sun is still very confused. In the survey found that the current second-hand floor of the consumer market is mainly concentrated in the "demolition room", <a href=''>wood plastic composites test specimen preparation</a>"rental housing", "furniture substrate" these aspects, only a small part of the rural family into the pavement. </p>
Road Repair Machines
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