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How does the computer create a WiFi hot spot?
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PostPost subject: How does the computer create a WiFi hot spot?
Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:50 pm
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How does the computer create a WiFi hot spot?

Use mobile phone to create HUAWEI Epon Onu MA5626 hot spots believe everyone will, but the use of computers to create WiFi hot spots may not be familiar to everyone, today with the small editor together to learn!

Both a laptop or a desktop machine can create a WiFi hot spot, but the premise is that your computer has a wireless network card.

1, click the start menu - all programs - attachments - command prompt, open the command line window. (or directly click Start - run, enter CMD, and return to the car)

2, in the open command window enter the code "Netsh Huawei SmartAX MA5600T OPFA set hostednetworkmode=allow ssid=Test key=0123456789", if you do not want to manually enter it directly copy the code, then the command line window right click paste. After the input is completed, press the return key (Enter). (Test is the hot name of WiFi, 0123465789 is the password)

3, click on the icon of the right lower corner network, and then choose to open the network and share the center.

4, select the change adapter settings in the network and shared center windows.

5, we can see that a new wireless network connection 3 is added to the default wireless network connection. The wireless network connection is the wireless network connection that just used to create the local network to carry WiFi.

6, right click the local connection, select the attribute in the pop-up menu window, open the property setting window. Select sharing, and check the options that allow other users to connect. The next home network connection chooses the wireless network connection you just created (I should be wireless network connection 3), then click the confirmation button.

7, enter the command "Netsh wlanstart hostednetwork" to start WiFi in the command line. If it shows the network is started, then WiFi has been successfully started.

On other computers or mobile phones, you can see a WiFi named Test, which can be connected to the WiFi by entering the password.

8, if you want to stop the WiFi, then enter the "netshwlan stop hostednetwork" in the command line and execute it. The result shows that the Brand New Original WS C2940 8TT S Cisco Network Router has been stopped, indicating that WiFi is closed.
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