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FIFA 18 Tutorial†: FIFA 18 Tutorial Attacking For UT†Mode
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PostPost subject: FIFA 18 Tutorial†: FIFA 18 Tutorial Attacking For UT†Mode
Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:54 am
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How to make your attack smooth and reasonable?

Donít attack at one fling, I used to attack as a simple way, take the ball, then pass it to the front and drive in. But now, when I face a CB who havenít lost position,fifa 18 ultimate team buy coins I will not attack or shoot at one fling like a idiot, but to reorganize and seek an opportunity. This is important because once your attacking is failed, you are giving an good beat back chance to your opponent. The key point: keep the ball when you donít have a good chance to attack.

You should learn how to dribbling. I donít know how to dribbling before, if somebody get close to my player, I will choose passing the ball, when they discover my intention, they will press RB to call the defenders to catch me, and then steal my ball. It really makes me angry. Iím starting to practise my dribbling, not just press LB to turn around, but protect ball and dribbling without pressing LB. After that, I can Judge whether the defender is a threat to me accurately. I will not pass my ball immediately, but keep dribbling.

Learn how to transfer from both wings left and right. I used short pass, straight ball and drop pass usually before. But now, I will find the chance at the middle, or transfer from both wings,fifa coins discount code and long kick to the another side, then there will be some loophole to take advantage of.

Some Tricks Of Attack

Except the basic operation, there are more useful skills, Fake Shotting, Ball-roll, press RB to pull the ball and press LB to turn around. Of course, there are some superb and complicated skills like El tornado, Rainbow, Elastico and Hocus Pocus, but these are little bit complicated.

Hope this FIFA 18 Tutorial is helpful for you, and if you are looking for the best FIFA 18 Attacker, just buy cheapest fifa coins in the worldnow.
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