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 Date/Time is Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:54 am
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lost to Villarreal, but Tony - Cross is indeed a non-trivial
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PostPost subject: lost to Villarreal, but Tony - Cross is indeed a non-trivial
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:14 am
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Real Madrid euphoria criticism: that we played poor, they do not understand the ball
Real Madrid in the current league in La Liga 0-1
Customized Football Jerseys loss to Villarreal Barcelona up to 16 points behind, which also let Real Madrid upstairs was wildly approved. In this regard, the German midfielder Tony - Cross in their own social network account to make it clear that all those who say Real Madrid played poor, are simply do not understand football's ball blind.

In the local time this afternoon on the afternoon of the 19th league match in the 19th round, Real Madrid sits Bernabeu stadium against the strength of the Villarreal, the ultimate Galaxy battleship in the audience take the initiative in the case of 0-1 Unfortunately, the loss to opponents, Tony - Cross and his teammates can only watch

custom jerseys
as "yellow submarine" take away 3 points. Spanish fans after the game, the media criticized Real Madrid in this game irresistible performance, and even some people say straightforward, Galaxy Battles played too bad.

Cross social media screenshots

However, as the team's midfielder, Tony - Cross does not agree with the outside world for Real Madrid's criticism. Tony Cloos pointed out sharp criticism on personal Twitter accounts of the voices customized New England Patriots

that accused Real Madrid of playing poorly after Real lost to Villarreal at La Liga. Tony Crosse wrote: "I must admit that Real Madrid is indeed in a very difficult period, and all fans who love Real Madrid are not good.But I firmly believe that all those who accused us of a kick In fact, the Real Madrid play very good game, then we must continue to play so long season is very important, this is the most important.

Although Real Madrid at home accidentally lost to Villarreal, but Tony - Cross is indeed a non-trivial, in fact, the performance of the Galacticos in this game is really very good, in all technical statistics, the home team Are overwhelmingly dominant: both the possession of the time ratio of 58% -42%, shooting the ratio of 28-10, Custom Dallas Cowboys Jersey

passing the success rate of 89% -85%, the ratio of the number of corners reached even more amazing 11-0 ... ... If Villarreal goalkeeper Assenhoe's performance is too good (after the game was

named the best audience), Real Madrid has long shot opponents into a sieve. Played such a high standard at home, but actually did not get all 3 points, it is no wonder that Tony - Cross will be awesome for Real Madrid.

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