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Timberland chukkas performed well
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PostPost subject: Timberland chukkas performed well
Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:34 pm
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Recently, timberland chaussure homme pas cher agreed to give loan (editorís note: Wishful thinking, Nabil? me a couple of shoes to test and review. Excited to finally be a recipient of some Timbs, I deadass hauled myself to their office to pick up a pair of Killington Chukka Sneakerboots and Bradstreet Boat Shoes. For this review however, only the Killington Chukka Sneakerboots will be covered. For the Bradstreet Boat Shoes review, head here.

The Sneakerboot, as timberland soldes france insists on calling it, follows the traditional silhouette, albeit with a combination of materials not typically seen on other models. The toe box section is made out of breathable mesh, mated to a full grain leather suede heel cage, with a three layer outsole completing the shoe altogether. The outsole comprises of a firm upper layer, an EVA midsole, and grooved two piece SensorflexTM layer that adapts and flexes with the terrain. All this translates to a lightweight and comfortable shoe for consistent, everyday wear.

For starters, the overall design of the shoe emanates an understated, but instantly recognizable shape. The elongated toe box ensures that thereís ample breathing room and adjustability within the shoe and the heel cage prevents the foot from slipping. The materials feel premium, especially the leather portion, with a debossed timberland chukka homme pas cher logo adorning the rear quarter of the boot. The sewing too is clean and consistent, with no visible defects on the seams of the leather. The boot loses a bit of the premium on the front end however; the mesh feels a bit cheap in comparison to everything else on the boot, but itís a minor niggle.

It wouldnít be bottes timberland chukka femme if we didnít test them outside of the urban environment now, wouldnít it? The Chukkas performed well on a variety of surfaces, with the Sensorflex outsole adapting and compressing every terrain I threw it to, including gravel, silt, rocks, and dirt. Even though it isnít really the bootsí intended purpose, itís nice to know that it has your back when you need it.To conclude, the Chukkas bring something for fans of old to like and for newcomers to easily slip into. Timberland has successfully combined the best of both worlds: rugged looks with real world usability.
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