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Do you want a phpBB board installed for you?
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PostPost subject: Do you want a phpBB board installed for you?
Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 9:13 pm
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Professional service at a great price.
Here's just a few reasons for having ComputersOC help you with your phpBB board:
1.) We're experienced. We have seen and fixed many different problems that users might experience in using their phpBB board. If something should go wrong, we will know how to fix it. Our clients love our service and always will. I personally have been in the web design/webpage fixing/troubleshooting business for over TEN years and have worked on HUNDREDS of phpBB and phpBB-related websites.
2.) Great prices. The prices below include a small fee for time (generally a few extra dollars). We do not believe in ripping our customers off. Many times, people offering to setup or fix phpBB boards are 13 year old kids saving up for a new bike. When Johnny installs a mod on your board and screws everything up, he can legally bail out of the "contract" because he is a minor. You're then stuck with a non-working board because Johnny didn't know how to fix the error and forgot to backup the files. Minors can void contracts at any time as long as they give the money back. Not something you want happening on mission critical sites or even your personal website. That's why Johnny can undercut the experienced professionals who still offer LOW prices. Our services come with the professional knowledge and abilities to make sure your site is working 100% how you want it. Downtime is not acceptable to anyone.

Need your forums moved to a new host?
Not a problem! If you're changing hosts, we can move your forums over. We even can move your entire site over to your new host! Email for more information!

Need anti-spam mods installed
We specialize in a proven package that will help eliminate the spammers from ruining your forum. Email for more information!

Here's our rates:
$2 - phpBB installed on your website and minimum setup
$3 - we'll tweak your board
$4 - we will install three mods of your choice ($2 per additional mod)
$5 - we will set up five forums for you with proper permissions, etc. (each additional forum is $1).
$5 - six months support. We'll answer any questions you have for your board.
$5 - phpBB recommendations package - we'll make sure your forums are ready to let users in at full capacity and that they will get the most out of their experience at your site.
$10 - ConnectFast Support - you will get six months of this support. It will consist of the regular support and give you access to the ConnectFast Support forum here at Computers Over Clocked. This way if there is an urgent problem, you can post it in your own PRIVATE forum here that we give you. This will allow for faster access to support for your site.
+ a small labor fee. It usually isn't much.

If you need additional help, we'll work out a rate when you email me. I have over eight years web design experience! You can contact me at

Payments can be sent via PayPal (sorry, no credit card PayPal, just normal PayPal).

Backup services:
Weekly phpBB DB backup - $20 for six months
Weekly forums backup - $5 per 5MB of data (prepaid for six months).
Weekly website backup (anything) - $10 per 20MB of data (prepaid for six months).

I'm PayPal Verified

Here's some reviews of my great service:

Fast computers wanted to cure diseases: Distributed Computing
Do you like the site? Did I help you out?
Please consider upgrading to an Advantage Account. It helps the site's expensive costs. Thanks!

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